brvan41 (brvan41) wrote in vbdev,

I am New and Need Help

I originally had 2 Comboboxes one listed the MODEL the other listed the FINISH  I've got a list box that I am using to display selections. The trouble I was having, was I couldn't figure out how to get these two items appear on one line example:  2304M .It would display on seperate lines. If someone could tell me how to connect them, I'll change it back. Right now I have the selections all in one combobox like 2304M
Also, I'd like to display the Date and Time that selections were made like 2304M  Monday May 21, 2007  1:00PM   all on one line.  I hope I haven't confused anyone, so please forgive me.
 Again the names of the boxes are cboModel and cboFinish and ListBox1. I need to know how all the info is saved after selections are made. There will be quite a few items in the ListBox at the end of the day.
Thank You and GodBless

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